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Medical Laboratory Technologist

Penobscot Community Health Care | Bangor, ME

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Performs technical laboratory testing in medical office setting.
1. Analyzes specimens: Analyzes chemistry and hematology specimens on a variety of
analyzers; Interprets results of serological kits; Plants and interprets urine cultures; Reads
urinalysis dipstick and microscopic evaluation.
2. Computer entry: Enters patient information into lab software; Generates charge slips to front
office; Maintains patient logs
3. Phlebotomy: Insures proper labeling of specimens (name, date, patient ID#, etc.); Obtains
specimens via proper sterile technique (venous, micro).
4. Quality Control: Runs appropriate Quality Control material, as needed; Recognizes what is
and is not acceptable; Knows action taken when Quality Control is not acceptable;
Generates Quality Control data monthly to be compared with pool.
5. Ordering consumables: Rotates stock; Avoids out dates; Avoids low reagent results.
6. Preventive maintenance: Performs routine maintenance; Trouble shoots with help of hotline
or instrument manuals.
7. Storage of specimens: Prepares specimens to be sent to lab; Maintains send out log;
Receives specimens from off-site labs; Allocates specimens for analysis; Maintains
refrigerator at proper temperatures.
8. Reporting results: Recognizes and acts on critical values; Enters patient results into lab
software; Generates reports; Collates results and charts; Reports results to physician
9. Proficiency testing: Reconstitutes specimens; Runs specimens exactly as unknown patient;
Fills out and return data input sheets.
10. Biohazard: Insures proper storage and packaging; Prepares proper paperwork.
11. Maintains cleanliness and order in lab: Keeps work area neat and orderly; Decontaminates
12. Safety: Prepares annual update of safety manuals; Takes appropriate safety measures
(glasses, gloves, lab coat, sharps).
13. Policies and Procedures: Yearly review of policies and procedures; Knowledge of
procedures and the theory behind them; Recognizes and avoids sources of error.
14. Working up new methods: Compares old methods against new labs; Writes new procedures;
Develops new Quality Control program.
15. Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional affiliations.
16. Maintains patient confidentiality.
17. Performs other related work, as assigned, by the Laboratory Manager.
18. Interacts harmoniously and effectively with others, focusing upon the attainment of
organizational goals and objectives through a commitment to teamwork.
19. Conforms to acceptable attendance and punctuality standards as expressed in the Employee
20. Complies with all safety rules and protocols. Reports all accidents, regardless of severity,
immediately to supervisor and completes incident/injury report and investigation form,
which will be forwarded to Human Resources within 24 hours of incident.
21. Abides by the organizations compliance program and requirements.
22. Current on all required training for current year.
23. Performs all other duties, as assigned by supervisor.
1. Knowledge of current medical terminology to perform full range of laboratory tests and to
communicate with staff regarding procedures and results.
2. Knowledge of laboratory equipment and testing to perform quality control checks and
troubleshooting of instrumentation.
3. Skill in performing a full range of laboratory tests. Skill in anticipating and reacting calmly
to emergency situations.
4. Skill in developing and maintaining quality assurance.
5. Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, medical
staff, and the public.
6. Ability to read and understand information about instrumentation in laboratory field.
7. Ability to follow written protocols.
8. Ability to work independently.
· Frequent exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, medicinal preparations and
other conditions common to a medical practice setting.
· Normal office environment.
· Involves frequent contact with staff and the public.
· Work may be stressful at times.
· Contact may involve dealing with people who are angry or upset.
· Working extended hours may be required as needed.
· Bachelors Degree preferred, Associates in Medical Laboratory Technology required.
· Six years of experience strongly preferred.

PCHC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. 

Job Code: MEDIC01251
Posted On: 2017-07-20 03:21:28
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Telecommute: No
Categories: Science, Healthcare
Job Status: Part Time
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