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Peer Support Specialist - Brunswick

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  • Position Summary
    • Maine Behavioral Healthcare (MBH) defines "Peer" as a person who has experienced challenges maintaining mental health and/or recovery from substance use. These challenges and the resulting experiences of addressing them are referred to as "lived experience" and may include a history of accessing services in the mental health system. A Peer Support Specialist is a peer that is willing to self-identify on that basis and is effective in communicating about their lived experience in a way that fosters a healthy relationship, centered on each person exploring wellness, challenges, and ways of thinking. It is required that a person has lived experience as part of their life story to be employed as a Peer Support Specialist

    • A Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist (CIPSS) is a peer who has completed the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services' Certified Intentional Peer Support program. All Peer Support Specialists within MBH are required to maintain a certification in Intentional Peer Support. MBH values and embraces the Intentional Peer Support model as the foundation for the peer communication perspective. The Peer Support Specialist will practice Intentional Peer Support through one-on-one meetings with peers, facilitation of peer support groups, education, and outreach. The Peer Support Specialist supports BHHO members in connecting to wellness/recovery opportunities in the community and accessing other community support services when appropriate. Applicants without certification are encouraged to learn and explore Intentional Peer Support in order to better understand the approach required in peer relationships. These relationships are, intentionally, very different from traditional service and clinical approaches. Peers are people learning to become experts in their own wellness and developing relationships with others to build on each person's strengths. These are, foundationally, human relationships - not clinical or "a service".

    • A Behavioral Health Home Organization (BHHO) is NOT a residence, home, or a place where people live. The BHHO is a team approach to case management that includes a case manager, nurse care manager, and a Peer Support Specialist. The BHHO provides better care coordination and access to services that address both mental and physical health, as a whole person approach to wellness. The Peer Support Specialist is an integral part of the BHHO interdisciplinary team approach to care coordination. The BHHO program is for MaineCare members with "Serious Emotional Disorders (SED), and Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI), with the goal of integrating and coordinating treatment toward improved physical and behavioral health outcomes". However, the Peer Support Specialist does not provide clinical assessment or traditional service provider functions within the team. The Peer Support Specialist uses Intentional Peer Support to build mutually supportive relationships that allow each person to grow and learn together.

    • Peer Support Values
    • Peer Support Specialists at MBH are guided by the three principles of Intentional Peer Support:,
      • Focusing on hope and possibilities instead of fear. (Trying new things is about hope for a better future, not the fear of consequences or negative responses)
      • Focusing on the relationship rather than the individual. (Both people in the relationship deserve to have their needs and wants heard, respected, and discussed)
      • Learning together instead of helping. (We seek to learn from each other, with each other, instead of only fixing the other person's problems. We are both empowered to take the actions needed for our own benefit.)

    • Peer Support Specialists are practicing Intentional Peer Support when they are:
      • Connecting through active listening, honest conversation, and building trust;
      • Exploring and reframing our experience with mental health challenges and how these have shaped the ways we see the world;
      • Redefining help as a mutual learning and growing process; and
      • Moving towards hopes and dreams rather than away from negative experiences or consequences.

    • Peer Support Specialist (PSS)
      • The PSS is an "individual who is receiving or has received services and supports related to the diagnosis of a mental illness, is in recovery from that illness, and who is willing to self-identify on this basis with BHHO members" (Section 92 MaineCare).
      • The PSS is under the direct supervision of the Program Manager for the Behavioral Health Home team and the agency's Peer Services Manager.
      • The PSS is a team member of the Maine Behavioral Healthcare BHHO.
      • The PSS will meet with BHHO members, providing support in person and by telephone, in office settings and in the community.
      • The PSS may be responsible for facilitating BHHO groups, including but not limited to evidence-based support groups, wellness groups, groups based on peer practice models, etc.
      • The PSS will attend BHHO team meetings and participate in clinical and administrative agenda items, as appropriate.
      • The PSS will assist the team in providing comprehensive care to BHHO members.
      • The PSS will assist the team in learning about and understanding the Peer perspective
      • The PSS will learn the Electronic Health Record utilized by the BHHO and be responsible for documenting BHHO peer support activities in the record within 48 hours.
      • The PSS will provide education to the BHHO team about the tenants of the Intentional Peer Support model, as needed or ongoing.
      • The PSS will meet regularly with the BHHO Program Manager as well as with Peer Services Manager as determined by program management. The BHHO Program Manager will supervise program specific daily activities. The Peer Services Manager will support the fidelity and skills of the PPS in the Intentional Peer Support Model.
      • The PSS will practice, mentor and maintain fidelity to the Values of Intentional Peer Support:

    • The PSS participates in internal agency trainings and external trainings as determined by the BHHO Program Manager and Peer Services Manager.

  • Required Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)
    • Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist

    • Completion of, or ability to complete, State of Maine Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist (CIPSS) Certification is required. Provisional CIPSS Certification is required within 12 months of hire date. Ability to maintain certification is required (meet co-reflection and continuing education requirements). Ability to provide support according to the values and principles of IPS is required. Employment will be contingent on the above certification guidelines.

      • High school diploma or equivalent required; some college preferred
      • Is receiving or has received services and supports related to the diagnosis of a mental illness and is willing to self-identify on this basis with peers and in the community. May be receiving or has received services and supports related to a history of substance use, is in active recovery, and willing to self-identify on this basis with peers and in the community
      • Models strengths-based interactions and treats all individuals with respect. Demonstrates ability to utilize strengths-based approach to problem solving
      • Ability to articulate the unique nature of Peer Support within traditional service programs
      • Good communication skills and an ability to establish rapport with consumers, family members, caregivers and other resource providers. Willingness to further develop communication skills (i.e. written, verbal, and computer.) Demonstrated ability to keep focus on continual learning and moving towards positive goals rather than away from what is not wanted
      • Ability to work a flexible work schedule, including evenings and weekends
      • Computer proficiency required with ability to demonstrate basic computer skills in using Microsoft Office and Outlook email
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of volunteers, fellow workers, communities, resources and cultures. Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively

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