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New Graduate Nurse Residency Program - NC Primary Care

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North Country Hospital's Nurse Residency Program is an evidence-based, organizationally designed program aimed at supporting the new graduate nurse's transition to practice.

Goals of our program:

  • Strengthen clinical nursing skills and develop the needed nursing skill sets
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Promote patient safety
  • Equip nurses with effective communication, delegation and organizational tools

The 8-month program begins with 6 days of general and nursing orientation. After orientation the Nurse Residents transition into the clinical setting to work with an experienced nurse preceptor on their assigned unit. At the beginning of the program the new nurses also attend a weekly 4 hour class with a Nurse Educator. The time between classes gradually lengthens to a monthly class until completion of the program. It is a time for continued learning as well as an opportunity to develop the confidence to work independently while being supported by a Nurse Educator, experienced Preceptors and their Nurse Director.

As part of the program, a Nurse Residency Clinical Project is required. Supported class time is dedicated to working on the project. The clinical project is chosen by the Nurse Resident in collaboration with their Nurse Director. The project must be related to the nursing profession, clinical practice or a change in clinical practice and must be evidence-based.

Requirements to enter the program:

  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing (ADN or BSN required)
  • Vermont RN license prior to beginning employment
  • Newly graduated nurse with less than one year of experience
  • Current AHA BLS Healthcare Provider completion card

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