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A/B Testing For Recruiting: 3 Simple Things To Test

By: JobsInTheUS.com

The marketing world likes to "A/B" test everything. Marketers A/B test ads, emails, their website - you name it.

A/B testing is a fancy term marketers use for "split testing." It's the comparison of two versions of a ________ to see which one performs better. The "A" is one variant, and the "B" is the other variant. The variant that produces better conversion, wins!

How can recruiters and hiring managers put A/B testing to use in recruitment? Let's fill in the blank.

A/B Test Job Titles

JobsInME.com offers clients the ability to post unlimited jobs for the duration of their subscription. Take advantage of this by posting two versions of the same job with different job titles to see which posting generates more applications and gets more clicks.

For example, let's say that you have a consistent hiring need for customer service specialists. To A/B test your job titles, you could post the following job titles with the same description:

  • A: Customer Service Specialist
  • B: Customer Service Superhero

Which one will get more clicks? Which one will get more applications? The results can only be found through testing.

You can then use this information to improve your recruiting moving forward. If you have a recurring employment need, you can take the winning job title and pair it up against another job title the next time you post.

A/B Test Job Descriptions

Job seekers read a job description and immediately put the job into one of two piles - their "A" pile, where they plan to apply, or their "B" pile - where they hit the back button and continue searching for jobs.

Imagine having two job descriptions floating around advertising the same job. Imagine one description being thrown in the "B" pile, and then the second description getting put into the "A" pile. You'd have one more application that you wouldn't have previously had, plus some amazing insight as to what inspires a job seeker to apply.

Again, what you're really after in A/B testing a job description is insight into what compels a job seeker to apply for your employment opportunity. Did you describe your company in a different way? Did you describe the opportunity in a different way? Did you include employee perks in one description, while excluding them from the other?

All of these variations can be tested to gradually improve your recruitment marketing over time.

A/B Test Your Application Method

Just like marketers A/B test websites for conversions, recruiters can A/B test their application methods to see which method results in the most quality applications.

Perhaps you use an external ATS, but want to see if you can get better quality applications by sending applicants to a different source - like a career website or having them apply directly through email or through JobsInME.com.

Which source results in more applications? Which results in the hire? Which results in more interviews?

What Else Can You A/B Test?

The list goes on as to what you can test. Your job titles and job descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg. The important thing to know is that these series of tests will improve the effectiveness of your recruiting over time.

Happy testing!