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Advanced Job Search Tools To Find Job Opportunities


When you visit to search for real, local jobs in Maine, you're greeted by a search bar that asks for keywords, a city or zip code, and the mile radius for your job search.

What's often overlooked by job seekers is the "Other Search Options" drop down menu next to the orange "Search" button. Within this dropdown menu is a plethora of search options that can help you discover job opportunities.

With, you can conveniently search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. You can also browse jobs by category and/or city. All employment opportunities are conveniently organized to facilitate the search of jobs - including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, as well as seasonal and volunteer work. You can save your custom search preferences, and even choose to receive automated Job Alert emails on a daily or weekly basis.

Here are 5 tips that dive deeper into these advanced job search tools on

Tip 1: Browse Jobs By Category

Browsing jobs by category helps you get laser focused on a few hyper relevant opportunities. If you're interested in hospitality, you can use the Browse Jobs By Category tool to search only for jobs related to that industry. Click "Hospitality - Hotel Jobs" and you'll be asked to further filter down your search by city - be it Portland, Newry, Augusta, Cape Elizabeth, Yarmouth or another city in Maine. Next to each city name will be the number of Hospitality jobs in each city. Click on the city name, and voila! There are your hospitality jobs in Yarmouth!

Tip 2: Browse Jobs By City

Browsing jobs by city on is one of the best ways to discover unique employment opportunities you can't find anywhere else. Whether you're living in Wiscasset or Portland, Farmingdale or Farmington - you're able to discover the employment opportunities in a hyper local area.

From the "Other Search Options" dropdown in the header, click "Browse Jobs By City." Then, find your city - let's take Wiscasset for example. Choose your industry - let's say you're looking for nursing jobs in Wiscasset - and there you have it! Nursing jobs in Wiscasset, listed by the date they were posted.

Tip 3: Browse Jobs By Company has been connecting local job seekers with local employers in Maine since 1999. There's a long history of employers in Maine advertising their open opportunities on our site, and because of that history, the employer directory on is extensive.

Let's say that you've made a targeted list of employers that you would love to work for. Under the "Other Search Options" menu, click "Browse Companies." From here you can either search the Company Profile Index by letter to find your ideal employers, or you can "View active companies with jobs only." If you click the "view active companies with jobs only" link, you'll be able to scroll through companies alphabetically and see their location and number of jobs they're currently hiring for.

Not only is this a great way to get the inside scoop on who is hiring, but this advanced job search option is a great way to discover new local employers who may not be on your "ideal employer" list yet.

Tip 4: Browse By Job Types

If you're looking for full time, part time or contract work, then browsing job opportunities by job type is going to be a great search option for you. Under the "Other Search Options" dropdown select "Advanced Job Search" and enter your city or zip code to narrow down your search. Head over to the "More" tab. Here you'll see the different job types you can search by: Contract, Full Time, Part Time - All, Part Time - less than 20 hours or Per Diem. Select your Job Type and hit the orange "Search" button.

In our example we selected "Contract" work within 25 miles of Portland, ME, and found 35 jobs that matched our search! Using this advanced search tool is a great way to focus in on the type of work you're looking to do, especially if you're not looking for full time work.

Tip 5: Browse By Wage Types

Are you looking for an annual salary? Willing to work on commission only? Or perhaps you're looking for a job with set hourly wages. Searching jobs by "Wage Type" is the ideal method for discovering jobs that fit your monetary criteria.

Following the same method as "Browsing By Job Type," we'll start our search by going to the "Other Search Options" dropdown menu, selecting "Advanced Search" and then entering our city, zip code and other keywords to limit our search results. Click on the "More" tab and select your wage type: Annual Salary, Commission Only, Contract, Draw On Future, Draw Plus Commission, Hourly Wage, Other Wage Type, Per Diem, Per Mile, Salary Plus Commission, Unspecified, or Volunteer. Click "Search," and you'll discover all the different jobs that meet your salary specifications.

Bonus Tip: Save Your Searches

No one likes to do the same search over and over, which is why has the ability to save your searches! To save your future searches, just log in or register for a free account. is Maine's number one resource for job seekers and employers, and we hope that with these advanced job search tools, you'll find the opportunity that's right for you.