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Recruiting Better Candidates: 4 Simple Tips


There's nothing better than making a great hire. We all know what that looks like: someone who aligns with your company culture and has the necessary skills to excel in their role.

We also know how much it hurts to make a bad hire. Not only does a bad hire impact things like employee morale and productivity, but a hiring mistake can also take away precious resources like your time and money.

How do you recruit better candidates to avoid the bad hires and make more of the good ones? We've put together four simple tips to help you recruit better candidates:

1. Write job advertisements that are accurate and clear

Writing an accurate and clear job advertisement must pique a candidate's interest in your company. Your job advertisement is just that - an ad. It needs to sell the candidate first and get into details later. Focus on what's in it for the candidate; showcase who you are, and what you want to become as a result of that specific person joining your team.

Certainly you should review your job advertisements for grammatical errors, but you must also include accurate keywords to help your ad get discovered.

If you're hiring a Registered Nurse, make sure your description includes the key phrase, "Registered Nurse" in the title as opposed to something like, "Nursing Healthcare Professional." And be sure to include the location and skills - plus some sizzle that will make the job interesting to the candidate.

2. Make the application process easy

Highly skilled and passive candidates have a limited amount of time to apply for positions. If your application process is difficult to navigate and takes up several pages before being able to submit a resume, you may lose the candidate before they apply.

Take the time to apply for some of your own jobs from time to time. If the application process annoys you, fix the annoyances to create a great experience for candidates.

3. Create a way to stay in touch

Candidates that apply for jobs today could be great prospects in the future. While they may not fit the job opening you have today, creating a way to stay in touch with them as their career progresses is a great way to develop your talent pipeline. Invite selected candidates to subscribe to an employment newsletter, or to follow your company on social media as basic ways to establish two-way communication between you and potential candidates.

4. Post openings on social media

If your company has a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, or Twitter account - post your jobs there! Your followers have an interest in your company. By sharing your open employment opportunities, you'll be enlisting your biggest fans to promote your jobs for you. Just take the link from your posting on, share it with an update like "We're hiring! Please share this link with anyone you know who may be interested" - and receive more applications from people who may align with your organization.

Recruiting better candidates ensures that you'll achieve the best possible hiring outcome. Write clear job advertisements; make it easy to apply; create two-way communication with potential candidates, and post your jobs on social media to improve your success rate.