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These 4 Daily Habits Will Help You Land a Job in the New Year


You need to have a routine when it comes to your job search. If you're unemployed, finding a job is a full time job. If you're currently employed, then finding a different position has become your part time job.

No matter what your situation, you need to have the right strategy and approach to your job search to be successful. That's why establishing a daily routine is so important.

Here are 4 things you should do every day while on your job search:

  1. Browse online job boards. Schedule a set time each day to do this. Make a list of boards that you trust and want to browse (of course, is your go-to source for real, local jobs). Save your job searches and subscribe to job alerts to speed up the process.
  2. Check events for your professional associations, chambers and Meetup groups. Going to events gives you the chance to network, which always helps in a job search. Make a list of professional associations by visiting the links page, or by doing a search on

    Set a goal to attend meetings once, twice, or even every day of the week. Whether the meeting is with a professional association, a chamber, or some other Meetup group that will build your network, you should expand your network every day.
  3. Never eat lunch alone. Never eat alone is a great rule for ensuring you remain connected to your network. Lunches can add up, so choose your lunch mates wisely - or do morning coffee. Make it a point to know exactly how your lunch mate can help you, whether it's a specific introduction to someone they're connected with or advice about a career choice. Also, make sure that you listen and ask how you can help them - networking is a two-way street!
  4. Spend time volunteering. Volunteer at an event or with an organization. Just a few hours a week is perfect for ensuring that you get out of the house, diversify your activities, and meet new people. Plus, volunteering helps put you in a positive mental state and gives you more to talk about in your interviews and on your resume. Volunteer your hours wisely with the right organizations doing the right things that are relevant to your career goals. If your volunteer organization doesn't give you satisfaction or a connection to help you with your job search, find a different organization.

Incorporating these activities into your daily job search routine will expand your network and focus your job search. Make a daily schedule and block out time to focus on these specific activities. Doing so will get you one step closer to getting that job you want.

Brett Farmiloe is a marketing and employment branding expert who advises cutting edge recruitment companies. He is the founder of Markitors and frequent contributor to SHRM.