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Year-End Productivity - Bah Humbug

By Margaret Hansen,

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... unlimited access to the internet and a credit card not due till January. Does it matter that employees are finishing up their holiday shopping at work when not much business is coming through anyway? What about all those PTO days that folks need to cash in before month's end? Stress is at its highest - but it's probably not work-related. How can you help out?

Two managers let us know how they provide a festive and enjoyable holiday atmosphere for their employees while at work.

Holiday Treats and Charitable Giving

James Reidy tells us, "Goofing off during the Holiday season? Humbug! I am heard muttering, 'Are there no poor houses?' To motivate staff we have a holiday party for all lawyers, staff, and families to attend. We also have smaller practice group luncheons.

We permit tasteful decorations in work areas and decorate common areas with wreaths, trees etc. We coordinate holiday treats in the kitchen areas for our offices (and health club memberships in January to work off the extra weight). The most important and meaningful thing we do is to work with several charitable groups to sponsor families and provide gifts and provisions to local families in need."

Thanksgiving Kicks Off the Festivities

Claire-Helene Horne shares, "We start celebrating the holidays with a Thanksgiving buffet a week prior to the holiday. Employees bring in food for all to enjoy. We follow the celebration with an Ornament Exchange for those who choose to participate. We have a luncheon for all employees who participate on committees such as OFI, HSE, LiveWell, etc. We distribute turkeys and give extras to a non-profit organization. We collect socks, hats, and gloves for individuals in need.

"On Christmas Eve (or the last working day before it), we have a Holiday Brunch where we acknowledge years of service, new U.S. Citizenship, VP Nomination Awards, and volunteers who assist with various programs during the year. We end the celebration with financial awards. All attendees get paid for eight hours, even though the celebration lasts only a few hours."

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A happy and productive season to all!

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